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The Legend of Zelda Overview

How about that trailer for Zelda 2015?

E3 has come and it will be ending tonight, but it has left a huge amount of potential for new games….for 2015. Yeah, that’s right we have to wait for 2015 in order for the next gen to really kick-start. I will be going into more detail about this year’s E3 in a later article.

However, in light of two new Zelda based games, Zelda 2015 and Hyrule Warriors, I wanted to team up with Marge to do a Legend of Zelda series “review”. It is a favorite series of games for both of us, and the legends and the lore are as fun and fascinating as the gameplay.

This really won’t be a review as much as it will be us talking in-depth about each of the games separately and some of the theories that have spawned from each game, even adding some of our own theories and research.

We’ll be getting those out to you when we can.

Thanks again, and stay thirsty my bros.