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Can Frozen Be Stopped?

Whelp, it’s practically the merry, merry month of May 2014, and Frozen is still going strong. t_FrozenStill

People are still seeing the movie in theaters, going to sing-alongs (for maybe one song in the whole movie) in said theaters, downloading and purchasing the soundtrack, and, most egregious of all, clogging up the Internet with cover after cover after cover of “Let It Go.”

While I personally am sick of the last item above, I am not yet sick of “Let It Go” itself. Probably because I haven’t been hyper focusing on it or playing it into the ground. I do listen from time to time; it is a catchy, upbeat song (this is my current favorite version, if you’re curious) In my defense, it’s well put together by the Disney folks themselves, and it’s not a cover. Not technically 🙂

But I feel for the haters, dislikers, and even the (once) indifferent civilians who have had enough.


How can you tell them to shut up and move on? When you hate something, it tends to follow you everywhere. It doesn’t seem possible, but the monstrosity finds a way. That’s how I felt about Katy Perry’s “Roar,” which is a very mediocre piece of dreck in my opinion. Initially I was just underwhelmed and bored with the song, but then I couldn’t stop my over-exposure rage towards it because it. Wouldn’t. Leave. Me. Alone. Not in workout classes or morning talk shows; not with friends and coworkers blasting it, and the local radio stations playing it about twice every hour.


I can say all day that the song is bad, lame, clichĂ©, and not inspirational to anyone with a working brainstem (yes, people, these songs mesh so well for a reason because it’s the same damn song), music is very subjective. It comes down to taste and experiences, and despite my whining, it’s not bad that people find positive value in “Roar.” Inversely, it’s not bad that people think “Let It Go” is an overrated, overplayed, YOLO-glorifying p.o.s. So I get why people are sick of “Let It Go,” even if I’m not. And I get why people rage against the over-exposure of it, despite the fact that I don’t.

The movie and song are still riding high after a triumphant sweep of the animated Oscars arena, and of course Disney marketing agents intend to milk this surprisingly successful little cash cow until it’s as a dry as Arendelle is cold.  Err…was cold. Add in the extra ingredients: an especially cold, meme-worthy winter BdKVyOYCcAAV9R5

; a controversy that, quite frankly, makes both sides of the argument look like idiots who don’t know what research is; Disney running out of merch for Christmas and Easter sales; etc. It didn’t hurt that one of Broadway’s most beloved stars, the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem, was a prominent character with a catchy song.

It all makes sense now...
It all makes sense now…

Frozen is not just a movie. It’s a phenomenon.

Even the haters can’t deny it. What they can deny is that the movie is good, worthy of praise, or does anything different. How much of the movie itself, or even the big hit musical number, is good on its own merits, and how much of it comes from outside factors like timing, marketing, etc? CAN ITS EVIL POWERS BE STOPPED?

Did you get the reference in the last sentence?!!!!!!!!!


As long as people can defend what they’re arguing, I don’t have a beef with their opinion (unless they suck at arguing or, again, can’t do research). As long as you can give some weight to your words besides just “I liked it” or “I hated it,” that’s cool with me. And while some people call bs, I don’t take issue with over-exposure backlash as much. Sometimes it’s blind hate from inarticulate people, and other times, as I said, it’s from a trend stalking you.

And as we’ve seen from sites like Facebook and Twitter, absolutely no one likes stalking.

People have very good reasons to dislike the whole Frozen thing, but I would argue that both the movie and the entire soundtrack, not just “Let It Go,” are good. More than good, really; they’re great. And I say this as someone who saw Frozen 7 times in theaters (in my defense, each time I was with new people who hadn’t seen it), and 3 times outside of theaters (still showing it to new people, but I was really tired of watching it by now). The last movies I saw at least 5 times in theaters were the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

I saw An Unexpected Journey twice and The Desolation of Smaug only once in theaters, for the record.

But yeah. Embarrassing as it is to say, I’ve seen this movie enough to break it down  different ways. There are a lot of ways to view this film, and most are valid or at least harmless. It has two likable, fairly strong female leads that actually do things for themselves, an adorkable male lead and his dog-reindeer hybrid, and a snowman that, honestly, just going from the trailers alone, I went into the movie ready to hate. And Olaf wasn’t just not bad; he was hilarious.

Seriously! Watch this and honestly tell me you never once cracked a smile:

Unlike some other movies I could mention, the sidekicks (Sven the Reindeer & Olaf) were funny but not distracting or hijacking the movie. Olaf only hijacked one song, and it was funny enough to get a pass from me.

This movie showed a different kind of love than just romantic, and told kids it was just as powerful.  It playfully mocked its heritage, but didn’t go overboard like I felt Enchanted sometimes did. Yeah, some moments were over-the-top or not as well explained, like Han’s seemingly Face-Heel Turn from nice guy to complete sociopath (though the hints are totally there if you can catch them. By the second viewing, I caught them). But nothing is perfect.

There have been people overpraising the film too, and while I think some traditional elements have been mixed up a bit, the movie isn’t terribly original.

My point is that, whether you like it or you hate it, Frozen was clearly trying. It hid its story well, through some clever and risky marketing, and genuinely pleasantly surprised a lot of people. I mean, Tangled was pretty decent, but was anyone really expecting this?


This wowed people.

Watching this movie for the first time in theaters, especially the “Let It Go” sequence, genuinely felt like seeing a Renaissance Disney movie in theaters again. I wouldn’t say it’s totally on the level of Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, Lion King, or Aladdin, but it was the closest I’d felt in years. Even closer than for Tangled or Princess and the Frog (I really don’t get why the latter did so poorly).

Even seeing this movie so much didn’t make me hate it. It did make me well-content not to watch it til next Christmas though. XD

The ride was really fun and, what I think was most important, the music was really good (more broadway than pop at times, but meshing with a few other styles), and the characters were relatable. They spoke to a lot of people, particularly Elsa. Then a bunch of pop culture factors blew it up to even bigger proportions.

And maybe some people, like me, were worried that Disney was on the decline, especially after pretty much closing up their 2D animation studio.

For what it is, I think it’s good. Great even. For what people want to make of it, or what they wanted it to be? I can’t say.

But yeah, Frozen can be stopped. The folks who made it worked hard and are coasting now, so if you hate it, you’ll probably have to wait a little while. It’s okay though; I know you guys can do it. 🙂

Oh, and one more meme, because this one had me dying:


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