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For anyone who is interested, way back in 2012, I studied abroad in Tokyo for a little under 2 months. I would definitely recommend it as a travel destination, for business, pleasure, or studying abroad, and you don’t need to know Japanese yourself, depending on who is going and where.



Here are some sample pics (which were taken by me, for once). ^

Anyway, I had to write a blog about the trip for my class. It’s naive and not as polished as this lovely blog, but it documents my experiences and thoughts at the time pretty accurately. If you’re interested, you can find my web journal right here.

Related to this, here is the first solar eclipse I ever saw, snapped from my host mother’s balcony:



Why? No real reason. It was just cool.

Otherwise, I have a small twitter going, which you can find scrolling on the left.

I’ll add more when I have more to share. I might do a photo blog at some point, because I just got a sweet new camera 🙂 Much better than the little old digital one or my cell phone.

Til then, happy reading!



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