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My name is Marge T. Large, but just Marge is fine. I’m a child of the 90’s, jack of all trades, and an avid consumer of all things media: music, movies, video games, books, photos, etc.

Escapism is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It takes you out of your boring, mundane, and stressful life for a few hours, expanding your imagination, making you laugh or fee or both, even raising thoughtful questions about the life you live. To hear so many people dismiss movies as “just escapism”, or kids’ media as “stupid material for a stupid audience” makes me sad, because it implies that the former isn’t important. The latter just sounds like an excuse not to try, or making money by being cheap and lazy.

Ultimately, media makers are running a business. They feed us what they think we want, and we reinforce or challenge those ideas by watching, buying, choosing. But that’s the key: we do have some choice in what we’re given. It’s not just a one way street.

Not every film, for instance, is art, but that doesn’t mean that the film has no value. If all it does is make you laugh, that’s great, but if it challenges you to think more about life, that’s even better. If nothing else, what becomes the most popular thing can tell us so much about the culture and society that created it.

I operate under the philosophy that everything can and should be critiqued, even that which we love most in the world, and everyone’s opinion has value, as long as it’s respectfully presented. I am a realist; I believe that nothing is perfect, because “perfect” is something that human hands could never make. I will do my best not to get too negative, but hey, everybody has their triggers.

Whether my opinions make you happy, angry, or confused, hopefully I’ll have gotten you thinking.

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