A Quick Review of Pokémon Go



Whelp, I’m hooked. Anyone else?

But it’s really fun, and I mean REALLY FUN, and it’s getting me to take more steps per day that I have in quite a while.

As you would expect,  it’s barely been out in the U.S. for a full day and memes and parodies are popping up everywhere.

Personally, I love this one:


My favorite moment of game time so far was last night, when my boyfriend and I went out wandering our neighborhood at 10:30pm looking for new pokes by the pond. Two passersby greeted us with wide smiles, asked simply “Pokémon Go?”, and that was that. I asked them how to get free items from the PokeStop, and they told me the trick: spin the circular token in the middle of the screen (once you’re close enough for the icon to go from a blue cube to a flat, blue pokeball) and just pop the bubbles.

More of a tutorial would have been nice, but hey, we were just happy that the servers were staying online for more than thirty minutes this time.



Approaching the second Pokestop in our neighborhood, we met more evening trainers. A group of at least 10 of us converged on the sidewalk, trading tips, tricks, victories, failures, and best of all, happy exclamations that there were so many nerds living in our neighborhood, which we had never known before.

Because we live by several ponds, one person remarked that now we all had to be water-type trainers. The local tavern/brewery is apparently a yellow team gym, and we, as red team members, must go there at some point for drinks so that we could topple the yellow team and take over. Another guy joked that we should go to D.C. and “take over.”

So much laughter. So much connection. And yes, millennial-haters, we were staring at our cell-phones 75% of the time, if not more. But we, as a collection of disgruntled 20-somethings, still relatively new to the adult world of bills and responsibilities, found a bunch of people who shared similar interests. A similar golden childhood of virtual battles and trading cards. A childhood of belting out a single theme song, not just in front of the T.V. at the start of the show, but anywhere that we felt like, and anywhere that other people smiled and joined in.

Pokémon appear in funny places...
Pokémon appear in funny places…


Pokémon Go is fun, though admittedly the repeated and prolonged server-crashing is obnoxious. Sometimes, you freeze, or are booted out in the middle of a quest. Sometimes, most frustratingly, in the middle of a catch. For those who want to keep tabs because you are seriously that obsessed and/or have nothing better to do, I recommend this website here.

When the servers in the U.S. go down and I do need a mobile fix of some kind, I recommend Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. It seems pretty fun so far, and like Pokémon Go, it’s free to play.

But hunting for Pokémon is fun, even when it’s common types that you’ve caught before. You can transfer them for Pokémon-specific candies that buff up and evolve your current Pokémon, and you also get experience with every catch.

So far, I haven’t found any eggs, but I did catch a ghost in broad daylight at a farm.



Pokémon fans young and old will love this simple but charming mobile game. It’s the closest you will come to feeling like they are really there, in the real world, with you. And now, if you will excuse me, I’m back off to get some more exercise and Pokémon!



Other good resources for new and returning (a.k.a kicked out by crashing server) players can be found here, here, and here.

My personal recommendations for future upgrades: trade, chat, and basic friending social media features; and a more interactive experience with the Pokémon you catch (something like the Pokémon-Amie feature that premiered in X and Y).



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