The Babadook: The Best Horror Film This Year



Yep, I’m calling it. It’s going to be the best horror film this year.

I absolutely refuse to give direct spoilers for why, but here’s what I can tell you:

  • Few loud noise/jump scares
  • Minimal gore (which, contrary to some belief, is not scary by itself)
  • Interesting, compelling, but unlikable characters

For this one, I will clarify. Horror movies these days rely too heavily on tropes all across the board, but one of the most annoying of which is the douchebag character. He/she exists for the sole purpose of being brutally murdered later, and the problem with that is that because he/she is such a reprehensible piece of human trash, you don’t care. Fear for any character is based on your level of investment, so if you hate him and don’t care what happens to him, the death is more satisfying and cathartic rather than suspenseful or truly horrific. And sometimes, such as in the movie Cabin Fever, pretty much every character is a douchebag.

  • Fitting music/cinematography
  • Like older horror movies, there is much more build-up and suspense
  • As a psychological thriller, the story can be up to interpretation

The Babadook more than makes up for its admittedly silly name by giving us a very creepy story. To talk too much more about the film would be doing a huge disservice to those who haven’t seen it, but I will say that it follows a mother and her son in their quest to face their own demons, who are tormented by a strange boogeyman-ish monster in the process. And, as corny as this may sound, the plot explores what it means to love and be a family.

Seriously, if you like horror, go see it. It blows Poltergeist (2015) way out of the water, and it’ll do the same for every other formulaic scary movie that comes out this year. Maybe even next year, too.

Thank God for those who are willing to make changes and take risks in this industry.

10/10 (Wow. I do believe this may be a first for me 😀 )

I can’t give an honest complaint about it; everything is exactly as it’s meant to be, how it needs to be.

*The picture above belongs to Jennifer Kent and the makers of The Babadook. It does not belong to me in any way.


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