Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”



This one will be a shorty, as I can separate my feelings into a couple of sentences each.

1) I like this song. I like the music itself, with its very retro, doo-wop sound. For most of the song, Trainor speak-sings in a very affected accent that borders on annoying (and it annoys several people I know, in fact), but it doesn’t bother me, and her singing voice sounds more  natural and very nice. It fits the style of the song well.

2) Glancing at other critics, I have seen them praising the song for its positive body-image message, and/or ignoring the line that just kidding’s the line about “skinny bitches” to find fault with it. If I had to nitpick something: while I don’t think this is what Trainor intended, having so much of the song reference that men like bigger women might actually take away from the song’s message about being happy with “your size” for your own sake.

It can still be “empowering”, and I don’t think it’s that big of an issue, but it is a way people can interpret it.

3) The video is colorful, fun, and upbeat. By the end, even the skinny bitch is having fun.

4) Another nitpick here, but it kind of trebles me every time I hear it:

“Yeah, my mama she told me don’t worry about your size
She says, ‘Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.'” 


“Ummmm…thanks, mom?”

She was probably trying to be funny there, but I find it creepy on several levels. This is something your friend might say to you, but your mother?

In closing, this song is really fun. Take a listen, if you haven’t already.

To everyone facing body issues out there, this is what I say to you:

Ladies and gents, love yourself. Love yourself for you and you alone, because that body is all you truly own on this earth. Love yourself before you love others; confidence will draw others to you, and there is plenty of love to go around. Be forgiving.

Take care of yourself. Give your body good food, exercise, and plenty of sleep, as much as you can. Don’t worry about being “skinny” or “fat,” chasing ideals that you see in movies and magazines. Just taking care of yourself will make you happier and healthier. Shoot for healthy, and good things will follow.



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