Japanese Vs American Horror

While American horror has its gems, today the genre is about loud music, cheap jump scares, boring/simplistic/unlikeable characters, and every-villain-needs-a-backstory syndrome. If you want creeping suspense and atmosphere, Japanese horror dominates over basic, gory slashers.

The Media Junkie

In deciding a victory in this it’s necessary to understand all the components of a horror movie. There should be a distinction between horror movies and a new genre that I refer to as “torture porn”. Movies like Hostel and The Hills Have Eyes have little in terms of plot in exchange for gore, blood and violence. Those are mainly an American development and compete among themselves for the most demented slaughter. I for the most part exclude those in my analysis and center more on classics films.

Here is a breakdown of some elements that have become a staple of the genre. Though all these elements are rarely all packed in one movie there is not one I can think of that excludes any of these:

Psychotic Killer: Viewers may not know the origin or motive of the villain but for some reason One Missed Call(usually fully explained by the…

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